Black Book of Thoughts

Sitting in the right box

We all have our lessons learned. We all draw on some memes that describe how you think about life in general. At least, that is how I work. A few ideas that got stuck with me, rang a chord and that will be used to explain life or at least patterns seen.

And this is one that I use consistently. It not only stuck because of the drawing. Here it is:

The heading says "it all depends on sitting in the right box". Left box offers chicks for cuddling - the right box offers shark fodder both at the same price.

Whoever did this was a genius. It explains so many things. Just think of rich vs poor parents, born in a rich country with access to Corona vaccination or not. Or think of the great teacher in your parallel class, the genetic disposition of someone, etc.

Now, I am not saying that everything in life is luck. I neither say that you should accept your box as a stoic. Of course, you need to work on your life. Of course, an initial disadvantage might proof to become the challenge that eventually changes you into a better person - and the like.

But it still is very much a game of luck.