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Redesigning my Site

Please notice that this page is undergoing some changes. Old content will be a made available again once all the under the hood changes are complete.

I have changed from Rapidweaver to a Wordpress blog. So far I am very happy about this change but it comes along with a quite some manual work. At the same time I am making some conceptional changes in order for the content to be presented in a way that I like better - and I hope you too.

Please let me know what you think so far.

[Update] Interesting enough this isn't the first move of my site. In September 2012 I had the entry below. RapidWeaver was quite an disappointment after some years of slow updates that only costed a lot of money for no real benefit. And I just looked at my old blog. It still exists. Interesting. But here the old entry.

I started using RapidWeaver for this webpage (previously I used iWeb and Blogger) and I am in the process of transferring the content from my old blog page here. Therefore some content will be missing here for some time.

Unfortunately, this is a manual process that will take some time. In the meanwhile have a look at my old blog page:

Why did I switch? Unfortunately, iWeb is no longer supported. And I wanted to make some changes that iWeb didn’t support. After some analysis I decided on RapidWeaver is the best available solution for me. One of the biggest problems that I faced during the change was that I wanted to keep the minimalistic style from my old web page. Thankfully, there is ThemeFlood. ThemeFlood showed the way and the further adoption was reasonable easy.

Update 26.7.2023 Six years later the next step: from Wordpress to a Static Website, developed with Publish.