Black Book of Thoughts

Seeing yourself

Today I had a defeating experience. And as so often, I can learn a lot from it. I thought I created an programming setup that would allow others to use my work easily and efficiently. Well, it didn't work out. Today, I had to see how somebody without my level of expertise was able to screw the whole setting up, causing me up to two hours trying to get it working again. I apologised a lot. I felt very much ashamed. The other one will never use my setup.

How did it get so far? I forgot all the pain I had while becoming an expert. Like learning to drive a bike. It becomes so easy you forget how difficult (and even painful) it was to reach that level of expertise that allows you to drive everywhere. Clearly it's easy from there to transport stuff on the bike if that person provides you with the right equipment. But you still need to be able to drive that bike from A to B. No way around.

What did I do in the last months? I added complexity to my company. I created something that nobody will ever use. It is too difficult to even start with. I shouldn't do anything that is too complex. Small steps. Understandable steps. I can't stand it. I can't make big leaps...

... unless I really teach everybody exactly how to use my stuff. But how? It demands a lot of effort. How to convince others that it's worth to do so?