Vithanco TOC (Theory of Constraints)

Vithanco TOC (standing Theory of Constraints) was recently updated to version 2! Please find a dedicated software for the Theory of Constraints thinking processes in the Mac App Store.

I am a big fan of Theory of Constraints (TOC). I read the book “The Goal” years ago – actually after I discovered the great application “Flying Logic”. Ever since then was I wondering why Flying Logic is so expensive. It is such a great tool and so applicable to many kind of issues. Why making it not available to more people by lowering the price? When I was starting with the Vithanco IBIS application I had Flying Logic in mind. I wanted a Mac tool that is similar to Flying Logic, but easier to use.

It is still a bit in flux as the visual language is more complex and will need some adjustments. The problem is that TOC has several different diagram types and the app needs to cater for it. Currently supported thinking processes are:

  • Transition Tree (TRT or TT)
  • Future Reality Tree (FRT)
  • Current Reality Tree (CRT)
  • Evaporating Cloud (sometimes: conflict resolution diagram or CRD)
  • Prerequisite Tree (PRT)

If you want to understand these thinking processes, please consider finding or buying a copy of Lisa Scheinkopf’s “Thinking for a change” from 1999. A quick overview of these is available in my mind map that I did on the topic of Theory of Constraints.

Please give me feedback on my software. What process to add next? Where is the graphical language not what you would have expected? I am happy to change directions to take in user feedback – and above is the proof. Thanks to all that are sending me feedback in advance.

Update History

21/6/2018 V2.0.1

Renamed the application from Visual Thinking with TOC/Theory of Constraints to Vithanco TOC. Vithanco stands for Visual Thinking and Communication.

This is mostly a stability release that allows graphs with more than 100 nodes without issues.

Further enhancements:

* Vithanco is more restrictive regarding the graph structure, but makes it more easy to override by pressing [CTRL].

* Node view button on dark background now visible again

* No gaps between node and connection in case of much node text

* Exported file (PNG, PDF) shows no longer any highlighted node

* Not opening Node Editor for junctors

* Dragging connections at junctures by pressing CMD

* Added an introduction to editor features within the application

* Added Node Statistic view

* Changed CRT Model

* and many smaller things.

30/3/2018 V1.1.0
Significant further development.
  • Keyboard controls (use arrow keys to navigate, create new nodes with command-arrow), define hotkeys, etc.
  • Node Type Editor improved (note, the ability to create new domains is temporary)
  • SpellChecking during editing and for the whole document
  • Improvements to zooming
  • More flexible in handling of visual grammar. You can restrict yourself to the domain intention or free style. See settings -> Behaviour dialog
  • Many smaller improvements.

6 thoughts on “Vithanco TOC (Theory of Constraints)”

  1. Its already easy to adapt the “visual thinking with concept Maps” to the Theory of Constraints. Way not release the Theory of Constraints app as a free beta app to existing users of the other apps and charge for it when its out of beta. Just a thought 🙂

    1. Hi Michelle,

      thanks for the positive feedback. Love to hear that you like it. Looking forward to hear improvement suggestions.
      May I ask you to rate the App in the App Store? One normally only gets the not-so-happy customers to rate an App.

      Kind regards,

    1. Deepak, thanks for your interest. Right now I have no intention. I do consider an web app but that is as far as it got so far : considering. Have a look at Flying Logic. It’s available for Windows and not bad. I was able to buy it half-price but those offers are rare. I hope this helps.

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