I am the author of the Vithanco software. Vithanco stands for “Visual Thinking and Communication”.

Vithanco (Visual Thinking and Communication)

I am in the process of creating a single application that will inherit all the features of the current suite of programs regarding visual thinking. Right now, each application is supporting a dedicated visual thinking approach. In the future it will be a single application for all diagrams.

The current set of applications consist of:

Vithanco is at it’s core a visual editor with two features that makes it different from most other visual editors.

  1. Vithanco allows to create a graphical language. That means you define how the elements are meat to be used. Instead of having software like Visio that allows you to match every graphical item together Vithanco restricts your options. IBIS as an example is a tool to explore a question. You start with a “Question” node and questions spin off answers. “Answers” again can be elaborated with “Pros” and “Cons”. Vithanco will prevent you from making a connection between a Question and a Pro. It will only offer the right node types for the current situation.
  2. Vithanco does the layouting for you. If you are like me then you spend to much time on re-arranging the items in your graphical editor. That is wasting time that should be spend on the content. Vithanco does the layouting for you. You can obviously influence the outcome by setting node sizes, define the graph direction, etc. but you cannot move a specific node. I find it liberating, try it for yourself.

I have as well created a Tigrinya Keyboard for iOS platform. In case you wonder, Tigrinya is the language spoken in Eritrea.