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People-Centric Organisation?

Colin Newlyn provides this checklist, called Little Lies, but I consider them more blatant lies. According to Colin, when organisations say they have a ‘people-centric’ culture, you have to look at their actions.

  • If they get rid of people to boost short-term profits;
  • If they re-organise without any consultation;
  • If they have lots of procedures in place to police behaviour;
  • If they impose cultural norms;
  • If they recruit to for ‘culture fit’;
  • If they don’t support flexible working;
  • If they unilaterally impose changes in terms and conditions;
  • If they cut the training budget to save costs;
  • If they tolerate high-performing arseholes;
  • If there are topics that are ‘out of bounds’;
  • If they continually ask for more to be done with less;
  • If they focus on profits;
  • If they make you fit the process;
  • If they allow workloads and stress to increase;

then they are not people-centric. Because if they were, they wouldn’t do those things.

A great list, and I have experienced quite a few myself. I could add a few more, but I think you got the gist.

I found it via workfutures.