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On Success and other people

I found this great quote again. (Thanks to, which btw. creates such nice pictures from the quote)

The 10 Keys to Success by John Bird When you hear people say things like this, you need to take it with a pinch of salt. Much of the time they will say it because they are jealous of you and your courage. They will tell themselves that risk is stupid, that it will only lead to something bad and mess up their lives. So then you come along, all excited and full of energy about doing something new, and they are not pleased. Because they do not want to leave their comfort zone, the idea of you doing so is very scary. It reminds them that they have dreams they want to follow, dreams they don't have the courage or guts to chase.
Fantastic observation from John Bird

John Bird wrote a few remarkable books of which I were given two over 10 years ago. His way of life was clearly a different from mine and from most people reading this page. I recommend his books. They are quick to read but very insightful.