A useful Benefit Realisation Approach


I have added a page regarding Benefit Realisation into my Visual Thinking Library.

I am deliberately keeping this entry short for the sake of not splitting the discussion into two (for this blog entry and the linked page). I consider the linked page the main entry and I will have another blog entry in case I change it.

Redesigning my Site

Please notice that this page is undergoing some changes. Old content will be a made available again once all the under the hood changes are complete.

I have changed from Rapidweaver to a WordPress blog. So far I am very happy about this change but it comes along with a quite some manual work. At the same time I am making some conceptional changes in order for the content to be presented in a way that I like better – and I hope you too.

Please let me know what you think so far.

[Update] Interesting enough this isn’t the first move of my site. In September 2012 I had the entry below. RapidWeaver was quite an disappointment after some years of slow updates that only costed a lot of money for no real benefit. And I just looked at my old blog. It still exists. Interesting. But here the old entry.

I started using RapidWeaver for this webpage (previously I used iWeb and Blogger) and I am in the process of transferring the content from my old blog page here. Therefore some content will be missing here for some time.

Unfortunately, this is a manual process that will take some time. In the meanwhile have a look at my old blog page: http://blackbookofthoughts.blogspot.dk

Why did I switch? Unfortunately, iWeb is no longer supported. And I wanted to make some changes that iWeb didn’t support. After some analysis I decided on RapidWeaver is the best available solution for me. One of the biggest problems that I faced during the change was that I wanted to keep the minimalistic style from my old web page. Thankfully, there is ThemeFlood. ThemeFlood showed the way and the further adoption was reasonable easy.